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What’s been said (and can still be printed) about Bob Sammon.

"Bob writes and performs folk songs that make people forget that they didn’t like folk songs. A true gentleman."

Open Mic Host

We had a beautiful weekend. A HUGE thank you to Bob for the outstanding entertainment in front of our store. Hearing Bob's originals rather than covers was so nice. He is remarkably talented, kind and engaging. We can't recommend him enough. So if you are in need of some good folky tunes at your next function...CALL Bob Sammon!

Kim and Sean from Four and Twenty after PorchFest 2013

This was really a great evening of music. Bob Sammon was incredible and I am so glad that I saw him perform. We have really enjoyed his music here at home.

Stolen from a Facebook posting

"Bob was one of our first guests some months back, and we're excited to see his return. His music paints a beautiful picture of his life experiences and adventures he's had over the years as a musician."

Host of songwriter showcase evening

I wish I could take Bob Sammon home to sing me to sleep and tuck me in at night, but since I can't I'll be comforted by videos (I really need to buy a copy of his CD) of him playing songs.

Cleveland based singer/songwriter

"That first song reminded me of Jerry Garcia and my father. You have a comforting presence I can't describe. I feel grateful for the peaceful presence."

A stranger in the audience for a Songwriter Showcase

Bob Sammon is a friend and one of the best songwriters I have known. Please give his album a listen.

Borrowed from a Facebook posting

"Got the CD this morning, Bob! Love the songs, love your guitar, ADORE your voice! Beautiful all around."

Nationally recognized NY based producer

Your songwriting, while always good, is really at a top level right now. "Noah" and "Bluest Eyes" are your two newest and BEST songs. This is saying a lot because you had a large number of good ones already.

Cleveland club owner after hearing premier of "Bluest Eyes"

Bob Sammon brought us what I think is one of his (if not THE) best songs I've heard him play, "Someday". It has a universal poignancy, yet it avoids sounding sad. Nicely done, Bob!

From a social media post

"The 60-year-old picks up his Guild dreadnought guitar and his song rings out, a story set to music."

Dayton Daily News

[We] were discussing between songs how calming it is to listen to you. You're like a happy place for listeners.

From an email received after a Barking Spider gig

I could see your career move to the next level tonight.

Cleveland venue owner after an engaging opening act performance

"We'd been wanting to see you for some time now, but one thing or another always seemed to conspire to bollux up those plans! Glad that the stars finally aligned! We had an absolutely delightful time last night!"

Friend and Fellow Musician

That might just be my new favorite song of yours.

Open mic host after hearing premier of "Noah"

"We had a great time. Went through golf ball size hail but you were worth the trip."

Comments received by text

I’ve listened several times to your CD. The poetry is simple and heart-felt. The rhyme is subtle and comfortable, not forced. I really enjoyed it. Keep composin’.

Comments received by email

"From the heart" best describes your CD. Really, really enjoyed it. You might want to consider giving up your day job.

From a hand-written thank you note

THANK-YOU so much for providing such a wonderful evening of entertainment for us. We had a lot of compliments on your music. We would love to have you back again anytime!

Ohio venue owner after first appearance

Your music certainly doesn't suck, so you needn't worry about that.

Open mic host

Your lyrics are wistful, and yet hopeful and humorous...the kinds of songs I would like to write...the kind of life I hope I lead. I have to say tho, that hearing some of these songs "live and four years later" you have grown into them in comfort and have matured as a performer. Not that the recording isn't great. It's like "story-telling" now and far more personal and emotional when done live. "Other Side of 60" and "Share The Wonder" are my two favorites. Nice job!!

Music director/praise band leader

You had an exceptional set last night. You were comfortable and it came across. Your playing and vocals were dead on. Your songs are all top quality and kept me waiting to see what came next. Verse after verse & song after song.

Fellow performer after hearing a set of originals

You are relaxed, have great stage presence, and have developed into a wonderful musician/story-teller. Keep up with what you're doing. It really works!

Fellow performer commenting on a shared venue

"You were amazing! Thank You!!!!! We have another ArtsFest…know that you…are invited…"

Festival producer after an outdoor show

I think your music would go over well with the folks that come out.

Fellow performer enticing Bob to a new venue

Your CD is really good! If you see a show you might want to get in on - shoot me an email. Thanks again.

Cleveland club owner after tracking Bob’s CD

I was looking forward to peanut sauce on my food and another nut on stage.

A fan lamenting a change in schedule

I've listened to four of the songs - You're great! (I never thought my physics would lead you in this direction!)

Bob’s high school physics teacher some 38 years later

"You'll definitely be the tastefully understated part of that bill."

Fellow performer commenting on an upcoming show

Thanks also for the support and the kind words at my last solo show, and for making an excellent contribution to our last open mic. (I often wish that I'd learned to fingerpick with an anchor like you do, as it seems like the best possible way to be assured of hitting the right string at the right time.)

Fellow performer after sharing a stage

I was there at 9:30 but didn't recognize you from the back! It was great to hear you again.

An old friend after a featured performance

He’s a typical local musician with one exception. He’s always on time.

An open mic host

I'd be proud to share a stage with you anytime.

Fellow performer sitting around after a show

Thanks again for coming down [to Dayton] last weekend! Your time, talent and tenacity are always appreciated. The Pete Seeger event had more than 425 attendees! This is the largest attended event EVER sponsored by the Peace Museum. You were VERY much the reason that it was so well attended! Thanks for your support.

Museum board member commenting on a successful program

It was great to meet you and listen to your music. Hope to see you again!

Cleveland club owner after first appearance

He’s another singer/songwriter.

Fellow performer by way of introduction

"Sammon looks every inch the folk singer dressed in denim, from shirt to blue jeans, blondish-white hair pulled back in a ponytail."

Dayton Daily News, May 2009

A review from No Surf Music.

The opener was local singer Bob Sammon with an old-school stool-and-guitar folk act. At about 60 years of age, he’s reminiscent in appearance to Utah Phillips (although if you know what Utah Phillips looked like then you should be the music writer), and he gives an air of grandpa gathering the brood around to sing a little, which is a refreshing feel in the often overly stylized world of music.

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Counting among his influences Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and the Smothers Brothers, he got his start playing in the New York folk scene in the late 60’s before taking a long break to raise a family. A couple of years ago he started back up again and it’s obvious the coffee house vibe never wore off. These days his set list includes a mix of traditional folk, more contemporary songs, and his own creations. With a light touch and a mellow sound, it was a pleasant start to the evening.

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